Pretty La Creepy
Pretty. 1904. California.
I treat this as if it were
my diary/photobucket.
its for me to look back on me.
things I did, things I was into.
today. yesterday and tomorrow.
but feel free to creep on.

MUA based out of SD.
Veglife. Herblife.
619. Local Love.
Makeup. Film. Photography.
Meditation. Yoga. PMA.
Occultus. The paranormal.
That Sidewalk Surfing.
Manifesting my own destiny. Writing my own story. Musique Magnifique. Oddities. Culture. Conspiracies. Amor. Anatomia. Teeth.
Beauty in Dirt.

I judge people by their shoes and the way they walk. Neither have to be clean nor perfect, they just have to have personality.


staying in. #mividaloca
  1. staying in. #mividaloca

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